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C-CPP Commercial Salt Chlorine Generator System | 2-Year Warranty

C-CPP Commercial Salt Chlorine Generator System | 2-Year Warranty


Specifically designed for municipal, hotel, water park, school and other commercial swimming pool applications.

Please call for further information and specification documentation.



• Optimal salt level 3000 PPM up to salt water

• LCD digital display with diagnostic maintenance menu

• Compatible with ORP controllers for constant regulation of chlorine production based on demand

• Option to select from 5 languages; English, French, Spanish, Italian & German

• New revolutionary design to ensure minimal calcium build up on the cell

• Water temperature readout on LCD display

• LED lights to indicate problems such as low salt & no flow

• Self regulating function if salt content is to high

• Fully weather protected

• Semi automatic acid wash for minimum maintenance. So the only time you need to remove the cells is when they get replaced

• Winter mode for cold water operation

• Advanced electrical design ensures phosphates do not build up around the cell and reduce output

• Touch pad controls that provide easy setting

• Easy installation to new and existing pools

• Reliable and durable for long lasting performance

• Digital time clock with battery back up as standard

• 2 full year warranty on the cell

• 2 full year warranty on the power unit

• The cell is removable for easy exchange

• Advanced rust proof metal enclosure

• The unit can be run on single or three phrase power supply

• Range from 8 - 165 Ibs p/day

• Low energy consumption

• Advanced switch mode power supply


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