Quality Guarantee

If you receive any warranty issue with any of our products within the first 30 days of purchasing, not only will we take care of the issue, we will compensate you for this inconvenience.   We understand that servicing your customers correctly takes time, and costs money, but at the same time is an essential part of all good businesses.   

In order to show how much we stand behind our product and understand problems do cost your business time and money.  When purchasing through Compu Pool Products you are protected by our Premium Dealer Guarantee, which is, if you receive a genuine warranty claim in the first 30 days of purchase not only will we take care of the problem, you will also receive 50% off your next salt cell or salt chlorinator.

Don't let other manufacturers and distributors take advantage of your time, by not compensating you.  We have worked in this industry long enough to understand from time to time issues can happen, but at Compu Pool Products we take stand them and this is why we are the pool professionals first choice.

We are so confident in our quality we back it up, by putting our money where our mouth is!  Only available to Compu Pool Premium Dealers!

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